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I know all of you visiting my site are fans of Dune the German techno act, but how many of you are fans of Dune, the books series, without which, Dune as we know them wouldn't exist. It's not to say that Dune wouldn't be around and delivering great music to us, but we would be without The Spice, as well as the video for Are You Ready to Fly?, and who knows, it's possible the space songs wouldn't be as many as they are. In honor of this, I want to celebrate the release of the Sci-Fi Channel's epic mini-series, Dune, which you can all view for the first time ever, Sunday, December 3rd(Part 1), Monday, December 4th(Part 2), and Tuesday, December 5th(Part 3).

If you aren't currently a fan of Frank Herbert's 6 book series(as well as the prequels currently being written by Brian Herbert, Frank Herbert's son), I would highly recommend purchasing the series, especially if you're a sci-fi fan(even if you're not, go ahead and read at least the first one; you may be surprised). You won't believe how intense the writing is. As one reader described the first book in the series, "...Herbert describes the desert with so much depth, you'll find yourself reaching for a glass of water as you read..."

So, Sci-Fi has decided to recreate the movie. The first attempt at the movie was what we like to call a flop, especially if you read the book first. There was so much editing done to the movie it didn't make any sense. The Sci-Fi channel has put together a 6 hour mini-series, in which they have said is much more accurate to how the story was in the movie.

Movie Review:
Well, the movie has aired, and all who watch have formed opinions. I personally thought that this mini-series version of Dune was much better than the David Lynch version; it told much more of the story, and didn't create new scenes that didn't exist in the book.
Many fans of Dune have been posting harsh comments about the mini-series on the SciFi Channel's web site, but they don't realize that to actually contain every last detail of the book, the mini-series would have to have been more than 12 hours long, I'd guess.
Anyways, aside from the cutting of a few scenes that should have been included(the use of voice on the Harkonnen 'thopter pilots by Paul and Jessica, the Weirding Way, and a few other minor details), the mini-series was excellent. I couldn't have asked for a better representation of the story, especially in the time frame they set for. If you're a fan of the books, try to see this mini-series!

     Overall Rating: Four Stars


     William Hurt:             Duke Leto Atreides
     Saskia Reeves:            Jessica Atreides
     Alec Newman:              Paul Atreides
     Giancarlo Giannini:       Emperor Shaddam IV
     Uwe Ochsenknecht:         Stilgar
     James Watson:             Duncan Idaho
     Ian McNeice:              Baron Harkonnen
     Barbora Kodetova:         Chani
     P.H. Moriarity:           Gurney Halleck
     Jan Vlasak:               Thufir Hawat
     Zuzana Geislerova:        Reverend Mother Gais-Helen Mohiam
     Karel Dobry:              Dr. Liet Kynes
     Jan Unger:                Piter DeVries
     Robert Russell:           Dr Yueh
     Julie Cox:                Princess Irulan
     Drahomira Fialkova:       Mother Ramallo
     Laslo Imre Kisch:         Rabban
     Matt Keeslar:             Feyd Rautha
     Laura Burton:             Alia Atreides

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