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Interview 1: DJ ND-G interviews Oliver and Verena
Interview 2: Interview with Oliver, shortly after Verena's departure

Dune interview with DJ ND-G.

ND-G.: How did you start making music?
Oliver: In 1981 I started working as a DJ and due to this work I of course met a lot of guys producing music themselves in those 15 years being in the business. And, well, the one comes to the other and so I reached the point where it was clear for me that I didn't want anything else but making music.
ND-G.: At the moment you are under the label Orbit records. Are there any other projects under other labels or do you only concentrate on Dune?
Oliver: It would be too hard to have further projects, because Dune alone is as exhausting as a "48 hour day"!
ND-G.: How did you meet and get to know each other?
Verena: We first met at a disco in Münster during the opening of a club at the end of '94, when Olli worked as a DJ. I had a performance with a hiphop-company and after that Olli asked me whether I would like to work together with him. This was really at the beginning, shortly after "Hardcore vibes".
ND-G.: Are you a couple in private?
Verena: No, this is limited to the musical part.
ND-G.: Do you have your own gigs or do you even perform on raves?
Verena: We perform in clubs and discos and only on just a few raves, just because the music [the style] changes that fast! And when we finally perform we show our 1 hour-live-act.
ND-G.: By the way, where do you produce, because, as far as I know, you aren't from hamburg?
Verena: Up to today the boys produced in münster, but this will change now, too, because they are moving to hamburg with the studio.
ND-G.: Will you change to an other music style, or will you keep your typical rave-style?
Oliver: We wanted to keep the dune-sound, but I guess it has to change by the time, like everything [in this business] changes.
ND-G.: What do you think about the thesis that techno is often compared with drugs?
Oliver: Well, right now, I can only smile about that, because I'm 32 now and really came around in the musical history... it's just a cliche, i.e. HipHop has to do with smoking joints and during the hippie-movement everyybody took LSD. There are so many examples for that and it of course is something for the press.
Verena: I don't think that this "press wave" that swapped over the youth has had a positive effect, because, in this way, the kiddies think that taking XTC belongs to being on a rave.

Interview with Oliver

Question: Congratulations, Oliver, the Dune album "forever" is highly demanded. What was the idea behind a techno-project covering pop-perls with a classical orchestra?
Oliver: Everything started with our #1-single "Who wants to live forever". My Dune partner Jens Öettrich and I then thought: "Why don't we produce an album with all our favourite songs recording it with a classical orchestra?" Well, this is what we finally did with the London Session Orchestra directed by wil malone.
Question: Where did you record the album?
Oliver: In the famous Abbey Road Studios, there we met Depeche Mode by chance who recorded their new album in the upper floor. Martin Gore was very enthusiastic about our version of his song "Somebody", we are very proud of that.
Question: Verena von Strenge doesn't belong to Dune any more. How is she?
Oliver: Verena wanted to record a solo single with Jens. But because of several reasons this didn't work. At the moment she is taking some distance to the business and has a sharp eye on offers of other producers. On this way: Good luck, verena!
Question: And how will it go on with Dune?
Oliver: I'm still trying to find the right singer. One casting after the other, but I am patient, because my new partner has to be very good. News from dune will be the earliest in may. You can be excited!

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