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Latest News:

August 16, 2001:

Many fans have been patiently awaiting news as to what has been going on with Dune. An update of the DJ Raw website made Dune's future seemingly grim, in that, there is a possibility that Dune, as we know it, no longer exists. Official news has not yet been released on the official Dune website, however, on the web site, through the links section, there is a link to the official Verena web site, which reads: "Verena - my Ex-Dune Mate."
I don't think there's much more that needs to be said about that. Oliver will still be continuing his career as DJ Raw in productions such as 3AD Music and Richie Rich. Through this web site, I will create a new section in which I will follow Oliver's projects as closely as I can. Oliver is a musical genius, and I know that what he's working on will be incredible(we've already been witness to this with the Magic Carpet Ride and Come Alive mp3s released on the DJ Raw website).
Verena's future in music is as of yet unknown, but hopefully she will also continue with a career in music, and you can all be assured that if and when Verena starts to sing again, I will follow her career as closely as I plan on following Oliver's. Verena has an incredibly voice, and she has the ability to continue strong in the music industry.
Best of luck to both Oliver and Verena, and hopefully, someday, we will witness a comeback of Dune. :o)

Old News:

March 24, 2001:

Since the rumor flooded through every Dune related web site, VIVA has denied ever having mentioned anything about a Dune release in May. Members of Dune, as well as Orbit Records, aren't currently releasing any information as to the current status of Dune, and whether or not a new release is in the near future. However, many fans are still speculating that something will be released within the next couple of months. Check back for more updates soon!

February 24, 2001:

The rumor of Dune's future has been expanded with slightly more details. According to several varying sources, it was declared of VIVA that Dune will be releasing a new single this upcoming May. Unfortunately, no official news has been released on the official Dune web site to back this information up. More to come soon!

December 30, 2000:

Rumor has it that Dune is currently working on new material for 2001. No specifics have been released. Keep checking back for details, as I will be looking further into this for as much as I can find.

November 5, 2000:

History's released appears to have been to be a successful one so far! The highlights of the album are the two brand new tracks, Here I Am and Space Invaders, which are in the old happy-hardcore style of the Expedicion album so many fans wanted to hear again.
In the Keep the Secret game, you are an archaeologist whose plane crashed, and afterwards you discover a pyramid. After getting locked inside, you have to solve the puzzles of the scarabs to get out.

System Requirements
Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/2000
16MB Ram, 4-fach CD-ROM, Quicktime 3 or better

Apple Macintosh PowerPC OS 7.x
16MB Ram, 4-fach CD-ROM, Quicktime 3 or better

October 20, 2000

The official statement about the contents of History has finally been released! Here's the message posted on the Dune homepage:

It's going on...
The new Dune album "History" will be available October 23rd, 2000.
Besides the greatest hits it contains three brand new unreleased songs as well as a Dune computer game... let it come as a suprise to you. The booklet of the cd is entirely dedicated to you, pictures, pictures, and again pictures.

September 15, 2000
Official news has been released! Dune's new single, Dune vs Trubblemaker: Hardcore Vibes 2000, will be released on October 9th, 2000. The classic rave song that started it all for Dune was remixed for us to enjoy again with a new twist to it. The new album, History, will be released on October 28th, 2000. The new album will contain various tracks of Dune's greatest hits, as well as unreleased Dune songs, with Verena as vocalist. An added bonus to the album is the first ever Dune game, Keep the Secret.
Check out for a sound clip and video clip of Hardcore Vibes 2000, as well as a Quicktime video preview for the Keep the Secret game.

September 1, 2000
According to a very reliable source, the new Dune single to be released will be the single that got Dune started: Hardcore Vibes. The single, if released, will contain new remixes to it. No news yet as to what will become of Reunion

August 28, 2000
Although Oliver is very much still a part of Dune, as a side project, he once again took up his old alias, DJ Raw, and mixed the Leelu song, "Magic Carpet Ride." The song made it to #1 in the charts, but now needs the help of fans to vote it as the winner of the "Jukebox Hero." Visit the Virtual Volume website to vote! For the English version, click here. For the German version, click here.
The polls have been closed, and thanks to all of your votes, Leelu's Magic Carpet Ride was voted to #1!!

August 12, 2000
According to many reliable sources, Dune will be releasing Reunion by the end of the year!! A new single should be out by the end of September. No dates have been released as of yet. Keep checking back for updates!!