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It is very odd that Verena's record company has decided not to fund her web site or print her cds any longer. Her fan base is very much large, and there are a lot of very upset comments about her departure, and a great amount of compliments towards her talents. Here are just a few comments I have read in various web sites and guestbooks. Keep in mind that a tremendous amount of the comments that can be seen around are in German, so there are many more comments than just those listed here.

"She shouldnīt have left DUNE... now itīs all over... the little star doesnīt shine anymore... and now the crowd is singing the song of sorrow... MEMORIES WILL NEVER DIE!!!"
"...For a woman with such a great voice this is totally rediculous. I sure hope that you do something about this. There are just to many fans :-( "
"Hi Verena! I dunno if you read this, but would you mail me the reason of your decision(leaving). Unfortunately i could not find an english word about that. I'd be happy if you'd go back to Dune, but if you stay on your own, that's good 2. Anyway, the only important thing is that you've got a really nice and interesting voice. So, please, now i beg you to sing... Your waste your time if you don't. I really would like to exchange mails with you. Thx 4 listening to me. Bye!"
"Verena, you`re the greatest! We all love you and your voice! (From a big fan in Norway)"
"Hi, Verena... I'm writing music & very love your songs, especially from album "Forever". Maybe sometimes in a future we'll meet. Who knows :). I wish U good luck in all your projects & happyness."
"I miss that rave styled music with the voice of Verena. Hand in hand is a very special song for me, let me tell why. A few years ago when Hand in hand was a hit here in the Netherlands, there was a school change with our school and a German. I was the dj that night, and when I played Hand in hand there was one BIG PARTY! Also the teachers did nothing else than dancing! Every body was within 30 seconds happy as $&%*(. I played it 5 times that night. And at the end the party was over but the people don't want to go before I played 1 more time Hand in Hand. I mixed more party's with over 2500 people but this party with 200 people was the best in my life! The news that Verena took her leave from Dune was a heartattack! And I still don't know why she left Dune. For the fans it was the same as that there parents left them. It's more harder for me because I still don't know why she left Dune. I hope one day..."
"Verena! All Dune fans are still in mourning. Please come back! Dune is not the same without you. Loved you on the Forever album, and now I can't listen to you anymore, your music isn't available in Sweden."
"Hallo Verena,I'm from Russia. With my brother we listen your "Dune" songs since 1995. Thanx Verena for your voice. We love you."
"Hallo, how are you? I am a very big fan of you. I think your songs are super and you have a very good voice. I wish you the best for the future. I ALWAYS THINK OF YOU!!!"
"Verena, you are the best rave-queen ever! We all love ya! Keep going to the top!"
"Verena! We love you!!!!We like your music very much!But i have only one thing to tell: WE WISH YOU AND OLIVER WOULD GET TOGETHER AGAIN IN DUNE!!! Your voice is much better than any girls on the scene, but he has that thing people call the DUNE feeling. You were the best togother and i wish i could be there on a DUNE-party!!! ANYWAY, WE LOVE YOU! BE GOOD AND MAKE MORE GOOD SONGS!! (Finally Alone was nice)... P.S.: You are so beautiful!!!"
"Totally Amazing Woman. Just Love Her To Pieces. Just Speechless. AMAZING!!!"
"Hi there, I just want to say that Verena is one of the most lovely singers in the world, and I miss her very much after leaving Dune."
"Verena, u r so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"Verena is the best."
"Verena is the most beautiful girl in the world"
"I miss VERENA & the REAL dune very much :( "
And of course, I have commented in sites about Verena and Dune in general...:

"Ever since I have found out that you guys existed, I have become the only raver where I live. I love the music! It was tough getting ahold of all the albums here in the u.s., but, I did, thankfully. Dune, you guyz are the best band out there! You need to bring your music to the u.s. so the rave hype can be as much here as it is in europe! I want to see you perform live so much! I hope you guys keep making more cds. If you do, it can be guaranteed that I'll import them"
"I don't know why people complain so much about the newer Dune sound. I love Dune's music from beginning to end. As much as I like Tina's voice and what she's brought to the band, I really think that Verena should rejoin the group. From the little information I get here in the states, it seems that her solo career didn't work out to well. I think that Verena should rejoin, and, a new album should be made... I would like to see another techno/dance album released from Dune."
(this one is in reference to her official site getting shut down)
"How could this site get shut down?!? There are too many fans around to just forget about Verena like this! I'm from the states and I know about her, so her popularity is definitely expanding. Her stuff should have been released to the states, because I know it would have been a hit here. Verena, if you read this, you should come to America. With a background in singing like yours, you're sure to get a record deal here, and I would be the first one in line to buy each and every single and album you released. Right now I'm working on importing all of your other singles. I would really like to see you continue making more music."