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If you're looking at this page, that means one of two things happened:
A: You're so incredibly, unbearably bored you actually want to know about my life, or
B: You mistakenly clicked on the wrong link.
In either case, you're here, so you might as well stay a while, reading this little biography about myself that is so comatose, you just may shoot your computer in utter frustration.

Before you read my profile, if you want, I posted some pictures from my trip to Spain on this site. I'll keep adding more pictures as time passes: My Trip to Spain

My name is Josh, and I'm proud to be one of the handful of Americans who have heard of Dune. Techno isn't all that popular here, because people are more into sticking with the trendy boyband crap where each song sounds the same but with a new stock of nonsensical words that you just know were written five minutes before they went into the recording studio.
My life is a simple life.. I could be in a state of bliss being locked in my room all day reading a good book and listening to Dune. In other words, I'm a loser. Fact is, though, I don't stay locked in my room all day, and, when I listen to Dune, it's usually blasting through my car speakers as I'm driving to work, to a friend's house, or wherever I'm going. I live in New Hampshire, and, well, there just isn't all too much to do here. When me and some friends want to go out, we have a choice between(are you ready??): the mall... or the movies! Wow! That's about it. We also have a few arcades around, but they suck, and we only go there to kill time.
I started listening to Dune sometime in 1997. A friend introduced me to a different euro-act, Pharao, so I started looking into more European stuff. I stumbled onto a Dune site, and my fanaticism has only increased from then on.
By this point, you're probably ready to leave this site and erase it from your bookmarks(if it even made it's way in there somehow), so instead of rambling on, the rest of my profile will just be some survey I filled out in the mail a while ago. Try to enjoy... I know, that's asking a lot...

My Profile
Name: Josh
Nicknames: Joshie(from girlies), Josharooo Number 2(not anymore really, but.. it rhymes.. *cough*)
Age: 18
B-day: December 6th, 1982
Hair color: changes daily(yeah, colored gel!)
Eye Color: Greenish
Height: 5'9"
Personality Type: It really depends on who I'm around. If I'm surrounded by good friends, then I'm completely myself. I can be funny, but can also be talked to seriously. I like to be crazy, but I also like serious discussions and sometimes even debates. But, if I'm around people that I don't know, I tend to stay quiet. It can take a while for people to get to know the real me. Everyone at first assumes I'm just some quiet person with nothing to say, but I'm exactly the opposite.
Are You Single?: No; dating Jackie
Any Pets?: 2 cats(Scrappy & Shadow), and 2 dogs(Zack & Yoda)
Location: New Hampshire.. just try and find me. *muah ha ha*
Occupation: My full time job is being a student. It doesn't pay very well, but the benefits are great. I work part time in a call center, where, recently I got 'promoted.' Now, within the call center, I am a customer service representative for a credit union in California.
Email address:
Online Friends: Laura, Karyn, and all the I.R.Y.P regs.
Pet Peeves: Going to the movies when there are inexcusably annoying people, which includes: jocks and their girlfriends getting wasted, teens that sit in the back row making comments about the movie that they think are funny but only amuse the drunk jocks and their girlfriends, that stupid guy that said "Bless you" to everyone who coughed no matter if they were on the other side of the theater.
Driving Pet Peeves: This one gets it's own category, because, by God there are just so many stupid drivers out there. For one, I hate when people fail to use their blinkers(they're there for a reason!). Then there are those who neglect to yield at a yield sign(imagine that!). Let's not forget those pleasant people who putt along at a steady 20mph when you're already late for work and have hit every red light on the way thus far(praise those with the patience to deal with that... I'm not one of them, mind you). The one that takes the cake, however, are those stupid kids who cut me off every day to steal a parking spot I'm about to take... I swear, one day, I'm just gonna hit 'em. They have a better car than me, so why not? heheheh
Most Humilating Moment: Everytime that I admit to people I still work at Abacus Communications.. yeah, it's pretty embarassing..
Do you believe in love at first sight?: No, because it doesn't exist. You can't love someone you don't know. Lust at first sight, yes... Love at first sight, no.
Most embarassing cd in your collection: Led Zeppelin... I can't stand that "music"
Favorite Breakfast Meal: Chex with bananas.. Mmmmm, and toast/bagels/english muffins with apple butter
Favorite Lunch Meal: I don't usually eat lunch, but when I do, I love to get chicken tenderloins at Ruby Tuesdays.
Favorite Dinner Meal: I love my mom's homemade chicken soup. Mmmm..
Favorite Snack Food: Okay, I'm starting to drool now thinking of food. I eat pretty healthy, so my favorites are things like Soy Nuts, Saltless pretzels, WOW/Baked Tostitos with spicy fat-free bean dip, and fruit always hits the spot.
Best Lyrics From A Song:

   Come on take a trip with me             Guided by a ray of light
   To a land where love is free            On our expedicion flight
   Follow me into the light                Come on board we're startin' soon
   Where everything is gonna be alright    To the Dark Side of the Moon
   Just let go and take my hand            Fly on wings of fantasy
   I will show you promised land           Higher than your eyes can see
   Stay with me in paradise                Sending you our favorite tune
   So our future can be nice               From the Dark Side of the Moon
             ~Dune~ "Can't Stop Raving"              ~Dune~ "Dark Side..."

Things You Like To Do: Drive, maintain my Dune web site, hang out with friends, listen to music *cough*DUNE*cough*
Things You Collect: Dune cds, Peuter statues, Calvin & Hobbes comics, and my new thing to collect: Pictures of Giselle *rawr*
Words Or Phrases You Overuse: "Skim-da-bam-da-boom-diddily-bom-boom"... lmao.. it's from that Chili's commericial..
Favorite Car: My car - Chevy Cavalier - I'm gonna pimp it out.. heh, yea right..
Favorite Thing To Do In The Summer: Hang out w/ friends & swim in my pool
Favorite Thing To Do In The Fall: Refer to Summer Hobbies
Favorite Thing To Do In The Winter: Complain about having to shovel, Hang out w/ friends
Special Skills Or Talents: Singing(...yea right.. I only sing when I'm alone n I have the music up really loud.. even I don't like to hear myself sing!), making web sites, annoying the bejeezum outta peoples, etc. etc...
Songs That Are The Best: I used to have a huge list of songs, and everytime I found a new song I liked I would add it to the list. Finally I got sick of it, and deleted them all. If you really want to know, your life is more sad than mine.. and that's pretty bad.
What You Want To Be: Journalist, website designer, but mostly, though, I want to work with music, in one way or another
Favorite Music: European Techno, Eurodance, Alternative, Dance, Rock.. The list goes on and on and on....
Groups/Singers You Enjoy: Dune.. are there really any other groups worth mentioning?
Favorite Food: Haddock
Least Fave Food: Red meat.. I don't eat it, and haven't for more than 4 years
Favorite Vacationing Spot: My family's little house at Hampton Beach
Favorite Sport: Is listening to music a sport? Cuz if it is, that's my favorite
What Do You Sleep In?: Clothes
Favorite Animal: Cats and dogs
Favorite TV Shows: Real World, Road Rules, Simpsons, Survivor, Ally McBeal, Drew Carey, Whose Line Is It Anyway?
Favorite Day: Tuesday?
Favorite Month: April, 'cuz it usually rains the most during April
Favorite Holiday: My Birthday
Favorite Candy Bar: I more or less don't ever eat any candy, but if I had to choose one, Reese's.
Favorite Soda: I don't drink caffeine anymore
The Group(s) You Despise: B-O-Y-B-A-N-D-S.. can I stress it enough??
Favorite Color(s): Dark Olive Green(and no, not just because it seems to be the new Dune color!) :o)
Favorite Stores In A Mall: Best Buy & Record Town
Favorite Magazine: Rolling Stone
Favorite Actress: Neve Campbell
Favorite Actor: Walter Matthau & Jack Lemmon
Favorite Singer: Verena von Strenge... as if that needed to be said.
Favorite Movies: 54, Wild Things, Scream, Scream 2, Scream 3, The Craft(I really like Neve, can't you tell??), Deep Impact, Lost In Space, Matrix, Sixth Sense, Final Destination, Scary Movie, X-Men, and a lot of others
Who Do You Idolize: I don't idolize anyone.. idolization, I feel, is completely unhealthy.. there is no reason someone should want to be exactly like someone else to the point of that being all they can think of.
Favorite Body Part Of Opposite Sex: Do I have to choose just one??
Favorite Quotes: A new age is starting. I'm spreading my wings, I'm ready to fly. /// "Everything happens for a reason" ~ Jackie lives by this quote, and it's really true
Personal Quotes: (these I made up myself) /// You almost never know who your friends are. Then, once you decide to trust someone, he/she betrays you. /// Don't take the things you cherish for granted, because they could all be gone in an instant.
Where I'd Like To Live: I used to want to live in Seattle, but I think I'm gonna stay right where I am, maybe a little more north, I don't know. Seattle's too far away.
Favorite Weather: Cool, rainy days.. it's just soo relaxing sitting out in the sunroom when it's raining out... and swimming in the rain is the best thing to do.

And there you have it.. my life.. completely summed up in that little survey.. *cries*... anyways, hope this didn't bore you to death, and if it has, just click here to return to the main page where you can catch up on what you really came here for.. Dune. :o)