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As many of you know, Dune has been mixed up with a series of problems concerning the production of their 2nd single from Reunion, entitled Heaven. There was a lot of confusion at first(especially for me, considering most of the news came from guestbook entries on Dune's official site, and 90% of those entries are in German, which I unfortunately don't speak), but then the story gradually unfolded. For those of you who don't know what happened, read on; I will provide for you all an explanation of exactly what happened, and the devasting, ending result.
Heaven on the Radio
The announcement of Reunion's release brought great relief to the many Dune fans, as we anxiously awaited news upon Verena's return. Dark Side of the Moon was released, with no problems, and a huge reaction from fans. Then, a few months later, a new song was introduced on the radio; this song was Heaven. To many, the intro sounded a bit like Can't Stop Raving, but everyone loved it. The release date for Heaven was set to be on April 10, 2000. As everyone counted down the days, there was unexpected news on Dune's web site; Heaven's release date was pushed back, and no one knew why...
The Announcement
Then, it was announced, on the official Dune website, that the single could not be released "due to legal reasons." At first, no one knew what the legal reasons were, but the story was slowly told to us through various entries in the Dune site guestbook.
A newly formed group, A7(created from the two DJ acts Avancada & Central Seven), had released a song entitled Pieces of Heaven, and it was this song that provided the basis of Dune's Heaven. Dune liked the song(most likely hearing the similarity to the more mellow Can't Stop Raving sound the song had to it in various parts), and they decided to use it for their new song, changing all of the lyrics completely, and using the music to the song. When A7 heard the song, they decided to take action.
The Court Ruling
Unfortunately, Dune had not obtained legal permission to use the music from their song, so, when the case was brought to court, as hard as Dune fought to be able to keep the song, the judge decided that Heaven could not be released as a single, nor on their new album.There is a new rumor circulating about Dune's knowledge of Heaven. Click here to read.
The Fight For Heaven
Not all of us know exactly what was done after that court decision, but most fans agree on what happened. It is suspected that Dune tried as hard as they could to make a deal with A7 in order to keep the song. If it couldn't be decided in the court, maybe it could be decided outside the court. Most likely there was an offer to give a percentage of the royalties to A7 in exchange for permission to keep the song. If this is the route that was taken, A7, for one reason or another, refused Dune's offer. The next question on Dune fans' minds was, "What will happen to Reunion now?"
News About Reunion
The shocking news was delivered on May 18th, 2000. Reunion, the highly anticipated album from Dune, the first after the reunion of Oliver and Verena, would not be released as planned. With the court order to drop the song, Dune found themselves faced with an obstacle they never before experienced. They had to announce to all of their fans the unfortunate news that they would be taking a break for a while.
Fans' Reward
The good news is, if there is any, that Dune announced that, in appreciation for the fans' loyal support, and anticipation for the album, they would upload an mp3 from Reunion for fans to download.
Will we ever see a new album released from Dune in the future? We never know, but we can always hope that their break will be a short one, and that they will be able to get funding to produce a new album. Until then, all loyal Dune fans support them, and look forward to hearing the Reunion singles to be released in the future.

Dune's Goodbye
(loosely translated)

Loyal fans! First of all thank you for your support and your loyalty in the last few weeks. We naturally pursued and would now like to discuss your guestbook questions and to answer them here.
What was the matter with "Heaven"?
Unfortunately, we can not publish the originally planned song "Heaven" due to a court order. Since most of you know the disputed versions of the songs, all of you can form your own opinion as well.
What happens now?
We decided, together with the producers and the disk company, to put operation, for the timebeing, on ice. To us Dune is so close to our heart, and we will continue somehow, sometime. When it will be, we do not know yet. We will inform you however, in time, on our homepage. If you still have personal questions for us, simply email us:

As small comfort you'll find here a song from the new album as an MP3 file in full length to download. We hope that it pleases you. Much fun for now and until soon...
Yours, Dune